Helb loan application.

This article will explain the Helb loan application and how one can access it. The Higher Education loans Board (HELB), is a financing body for higher education in Kenya. It was ostensibly set up to assist needy but bright students access university education in Kenya. The maximum Helb loan that an applicant can get varies depending on a person’s financial background. However, almost all government sponsored students who apply for the loans are usually offered the loans. Some extremely needy students may also be offered a non-repayable bursary.

Helb loan application is nowadays very simplified. The application forms can downloaded online or be picked from the Joint admissions headquarters in anniversary Towers along University way. However, fresh applicants may be lucky as the Universities usually send the Helb loan application forms together with the University admission documents. If you are approved to receive the loan, a certain percentage goes directly towards the payment of fees while the rest is left for student’s upkeep. In recent years, some self sponsored students as well as Private University students have been able to access the loans. The Helb loans usually cover one year of study and one will have to reapply for the subsequent years. It is however very rare that one is denied the loan on subsequent years’ application.

Of course, one will need to repay the Helb loan after they are through with their studies. Helb has been aggressive of late as it moves to forestall the default of the loans by the students. For instance, it has partnered with the Credit Bureau Africa (CBA) so as to reflect the credit status of former loan beneficiaries. You may be denied a loan by a commercial bank on the basis of defaulting a Helb loan. Thereafore, even as you go through the Helb loan application process, you should remember that the loan will be repaid later. Of course, that is the last thing on any students mind.

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    Thank you for your very informative article on the HELB programme. Do you happen to know whether students from rural areas are able to access these loans to enroll in college programmes?

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