Weighted Cluster Points for Kenyan Universities.

oon after the KCSE results are announced, the Joint Admissions Board (JAB), usually meets to set the cut off point for the admission to public Universities. The cut off point was initially a C+ but has been increasing over the years and it now hovers around grade B. The number of students admitted has been increasing from around ten thousand to the current number of about twenty five thousand students. The self sponsored students (parallel degree students) are usually admitted separately by each individual university. The talks between the government and the private Universities to admit more students more students seem to have collapsed.

The weighted cluster points are a derivative of the overall aggregate points and the raw cluster points needed in order to study a course in a Kenyan University. The maximum points that one can score is 84 whereas the maximum raw cluster points that one can score is 48. The raw cluster points is composed of the subjects that are most relevant to the study of a particular course. For instance, if one wanted to study medicine, the raw cluster points would be composed of English/Kiswahili, Math/Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The maximum weighted cluster points is 48 and as the aggregate points and the raw cluster points keep reducing, it keeps reducing to 47.7 and so forth. Ceturis peribus (All factors being constant), the more competitive the course, the higher the weighted cluster points. For instance, the weighted cluster points for Medicine, Actuarial science and Electrical engineering have been the highest in recent years. This indicates that these courses are the most competitive in the Kenyan public Universities.

Download the JAB weighted cluster points table.

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